Framing Tray Ceiling

Posted by Joaquina Rawlings on January 21, 2018

Framing Tray Ceiling

Framing Tray Ceiling. A tray ceiling creates an illusion of height without major renovation to your house. This fixture frames ceilings to either highlight the center of the ceiling or make the ceiling more interesting.

How To Frame A Tray Ceiling. Framing a tray ceiling lends elegance to a room. While you could create the look by raising the ceiling, the more efficient way is to keep the height of the ceiling the same and extend 2x6-inch soffits from the ceiling to create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

Framing Tray Ceiling

Framing Tray Ceiling Framing Systems. SFS Framing. Metsec is proud to introduce our new SFS range to the market. It is the second major redesign of the Metsec SFS range and has been launched after significant investment in product testing and development.

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